Asbury Cemetery

A United Methodist Historic Site


Location:  Off the Old Kings Highway on School House Road in Saugerties


History:   One of the early Methodist circuit riders, John Crawford, is buried there. John Crawford was the son of a captain in the Continental Army who fought and died in the American Revolution.  John, at 16, was a member of his father’s company.  He was wounded and captured by the British.  After his release, he changed his life and converted to Methodism.  He became licensed to preach.  From 1787 until about 1820 he served as a circuit rider spreading Methodism throughout the Hudson Valley.  In 1791 Bishop Francis Asbury ordained him.  He married and made his home in West Camp.  Under his leadership several families of the community formed a Methodist Society and by 1807 built a small church.  The first burial in the cemetery, which was directly across from the church, was in 1810.   John Crawford died in 1851 and was buried in the cemetery.  The church building eventually became the home of the local grange.  The grange deteriorated and collapsed.  The property that the grange sat on was deeded to the cemetery in 2004.


Friends of the Asbury Cemetery:  Through the interest of kinsmen, ministers, and parishioners of the Catskill, Saugerties and Quarryville Methodist Churches, the Friends of Asbury was formed in 1981 to look after the cemetery.  Through their efforts, a perpetual care fund was established, and in 1995 the Cemetery became a United Methodist Historic Site.  A meeting of the Friends is held annually on the third Saturday of September at 10:00.  The site for the meeting rotates between the Catskill United Methodist Church and the Saugerties United Methodist Church.  New friends are always welcome and more information may be obtained by contacting the office of the Saugerties United Methodist Church. 


Asbury Cemetery Corporation Papers 1 of 3 (PDF)

Asbury Cemetery Corporation Papers 2 of 3 (PDF)

Asbury Cemetery Corporation Papers 3 of 3 (PDF)

Asbury Cemetery Bylaws 1 of 2 (PDF)

Asbury Cemetery Bylaws 2 of 2 (PDF)

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